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This "Very Limited Supply" of a pewter PROSTATE CANCER AWARENESS RIBBON PIN, made from lead free casting metal,and have a pewter finish.The picture shows a quarter to give a size reference. This item is proudly made in the USA! if you are not 100% satisfied with your PIN purchase only, I offer a full refund no questions asked upon receipt back of the item. They are made from 100% lead free pewter and light Blue Epoxy for long lasting wear.

The PC awareness ribbon pins are priced at: 2.45 each (+S&H)

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Prostate Cancer Screening EBook

"The African-American Man' s Guide
To Prostate Cancer Screening"

Brother, what you don't know may kill you.

This downloadable EBook Guide charts the authors research and first hand knowledge of the prostate cancer screening process as provided by the "Real Men Cook" Foundation based in Los Angles. This EBook hold your hand and takes you from one step to other steps going from being cancer free to steps into checking and dealing with treatments when needed.

This well received EBook Guide was meant to work in the African-American community, hoping the men would take the time to avail themselves of early detection. Also how the family unit, if the man has becomes positive for prostate cancer, how that can become such an "economic tragedy" within the African-American family unit. Early detection is the key and this EBook Guide take you through this experience. This book is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a "medical book" whatsoever. Learn more.
Ask your physician for medical questions.

Priced at: $2.95 - Remember this: You can't buy good health!

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Yes, I am very pleased with the DVD, and with your customer service. I appreciate your patience with the delivery issues we had at this end. I think the DVD is perfect for playing at screenings and education events. Thank you!
~ Martha,

...The film is awesome and empowering too. ...I am hosting a Prostate Cancer Health Awareness Seminar in Decatur, GA ... It is an excellent DVD, very detailed, compelling and emotional too. ...As I watched the credits and seeing the dedication to the late musician, it brought tears to my eyes.  Peace, Be Well and Continue Doing Great Works!

~ Mr. Norm Irving, Stockbridge, GA - - September 2011

documentary DVD

The film, "The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer"

This award winning interactive DVD has over 93 minutes of video for you to watch. This includes the documentary encompassing interviews with medical professionals talking about Prostate Cancer and new treatments, African-American men being proactive in their diagnosis and how they are surviving prostate cancer and living their lives today.
Learn more.

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If you act now, as a limited time FREE BONUS, we will include the "Cancer Proof Your Prostate" EBook with your purchase as a download. This is just our way of saying thanks.

Priced at: $14.95

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I received the DVD, It was well done and will be of benefit to out support group.... I like the blue ribbon lapel pin... It is a little different than the other pins I have seen.... How can I get more of those pins. Thanks,

~ J. Payne


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The African-American Man's Guide To
"Can you, Cancer Proof Your Prostate?"

Of course you can't cancer proof yourslef, but it is just the title of the book.

Remember, a donation is not necessary unless you think that all the information gathered here for prostate care is worth it. But it's not expected.

When and if you make a donation you have the option to get this Special Bonus EBook Guide or not. This is our way of saying thank you. A portion of the proceeds from your donations, sale of the DVD, and Ebooks, Will go to the Foundation charity organizations to help underserved men with prostate cancer screenings. So thanks you for taking the time to do this. This EBook demonstrates the things an African-American man can try to do to either stop/slow down the possibility of getting prostate cancer or to stop/slow the growth of cancer within the prostate gland. Every African-American man is different and result will definitely vary. Ask your doctor.

This book is for informational purposes only with options of what you could do and is not meant to be a "medical book" whatsoever. You will fine researched information regarding exercise, vitamins, the best way to get lycopene into the your system and some recipes are in this EBook Guide to help with prostate health and care. And it can be all yours for free today if you want it. Ask your physician your medical questions.

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