Each individual's success depends on their background, dedication, desire and motivation. there's something to be said for positive thinking! ~ Unknown

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...The film is awesome and empowering too. ...I am hosting a Prostate Cancer Health Awareness Seminar in Decatur, GA ... It is an excellent DVD, very detailed, compelling and emotional too. ...As I watched the credits and seeing the dedication to the late musician, it brought tears to my eyes.  Peace, Be Well and Continue Doing Great Works!
~ Norm Irving, http://leansystems.gnld.net/

Best health related film I have ever purchased and very educational.

~ Dr. Patricia Johnson, NYC

The film is excellent. I have watched it twice.

~ Ms. McCain, Greenwood MS

I received the DVD and watched it, it was a very informative DVD. I'm sure my love ones will enjoy. Thank you so much for the blessing.

~ Ms. S. Leonard, Hazel Crest IL

"I received the Silent Killer DVD today.  I thought it was informative and extremely educational.  I wish every African-American man could watch this dvd.  I came across your dvd because, this year my family is having a family reunion.  One of the activities that we are doing is a cancer walk.   We have lost thirteen member to various types of cancer in our family.  I came across you website because, I was interested in purchasing some dvd's that focused on African-American men and prostate cancer. "

~ Shawndria Jackson, New York City

"Yes, I am very pleased with the DVD, and with your customer service. I appreciate your patience with the delivery issues we had at this end. I think the DVD is perfect for playing at screenings and education events. Thank you!"

~ Martha, wwww.ARprostateCancer.org

"Producer Andre Campbell has interviewed the best and most experienced urologists and doctors in Los Angeles County and they all speak in layman’s terms about the disease. "

~ Dr. Parrott, "Real Men Cook" Foundation, Los Angeles

"I received the DVD, It was well done and will be of benefit to out support group.... I like the (FREE ) blue ribbon lapel pin... It is a little different than the other pins I have seen.... How can I get more of those pins. Thanks!"

~ Johnny Payne, Chicago

Dear Sirs,
"This award winning documentary is just what I needed just at the right time. My cousin is in the beginning stages of prostate cancer and the information I received from this documentary is phenomenal. I have previously purchased the DVD and will now purchase the ebook for him. As a matter of fact I'm going to purchase several copies of each and give them out to family and friends for fathers day. Thank you for your informational documentary. "

~ Patricia K. Mack, Bronx NY

"The DVD was educational, I learned a lot I also know that we are not alone, my husband's not the only one with Prostate Cancer. The DVD helped my husband and I know that there is help and support for us. We have options. Many professionals shared valuable information, they explained what Prostate Cancer is and what we can do, in terms we can understand. This was one of the best and informational  DVD's I have purchased in a long time."

~ C. Wheeler., wife of Prostate Cancer Patient, Santa Barbara, CA

"Thank you for this most powerful, informative and enlightening documentary. My only wish was to have had this DVD when my dad was going through his experience. I am however quite grateful to be passing it on to my three brother. "

~ M.Green- Sylmar,CA

To Whom It May Concern,
"WOW!!! We are so pleased that your film was recommended to us. The film was so full of useful information. We also enjoyed your e-book. It was like it was written for us.
Thank you."

~ Mr. & Mrs. Jack Castle. Los Angeles.

"Great job to the filmmaker and cast. Very informative, drew the viewer in, held my attention. The stories added the human element and made it a real and powerful message as a film. I hope that many men see this film and are touched by it's message. Thanks for letting me take a look from a nurses perspective. Great job, well done. "

~ C. A. W. - R. N., Northern California

Dear Sir,
"I received the EBook today! but have not has a chance to read it yet. We did watch the DVD.
Which was very good and informative. If was very easy to understand and I'm looking forward to sharing this with my male friend(s) It's look great and it sound good.You may hear from me again when I read the Ebook. I think you should be charging More for the DVD. Thank you so much!! "

~ L. Reels, Long Beach, CA

"Mr. Campbell's "Prostate Screening" Ebook is definitely a great need-to-know-of-and-to-have resource. These are life affirming words for all African American men, their family, friends; and everyone wanting to live a quality life...in spite of 'PC'. This is truly a gift that gives back and worth all donations to the Real Men Cook Foundation."

~ Cynthia Nettles, President, TurningNewCorners/TNChealth&nutrition

"After purchasing the DVD on prostate cancer for my boyfriend, we viewed it together. The DVD was informative and extremely educational. The DVD provided facts which was new to both us. My boyfriend was checked last year and has been putting off his check up for this year. After watching the DVD he made an appointment to be checked as soon as possible."

~ S. R. Female, Anonymous

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You can get the eBook called, "Can you... Cancer Proof Your Prostate," (Of course you can't cancer proof yourself, it is just the title.) when you make a donation to this site to help with prostate cancer screenings, defraying the maintenance cost, and for gathering information and presenting it here just for the African-American community.

It is our very special bonus for you, as we say, "Thank You!" We want you to know that a portion of the proceeds from donations, sale of the Ebooks and DVD will go to the Foundation for the early detection of prostate cancer screening program for the "Underserved Man." Also, we welcome and need your comments to help better the contents of this site. Be well. Thank you. Remember, this site is always a work in progress with your help.

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