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Information on The Ebook and the film DVD can be found here.

"The African-American Man's Guide to Prostate Cancer Screening" & "The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer"

The Ebook Guide Answerers

How do I find the Ebook Guide?
Use this link to take you to the Ebook Guide.
Is it true that I can order the Ebook Guide any time of the day?
Yes it is true. You can order 24 hours a day.
What's an Ebook?
It's an "electronic book," It is the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book. But it is a downloadable file that goes to your computer for you to read, minutes after paying for it. It is a PDF file that should open up on your computer screen.
How will I get the Ebook?
You will get the Ebook in a downloadable PDF file format.
How old is the Ebook?
The Ebook was published April 2009.
What happens if I have a problem (like my power goes out) while I’am downloading my ebook?
If you don't get all of the Ebook contact us and we will make sure you get the full copy.
What format is the ebook in? ("PDF")?
The Ebook is in an Adobe PDF File . (Portable Document Format)
How do I read the Ebook?
Most computers have have the FREE Adobe PDF Reader. If you don't you can download it easily to your computer with this link: You can also buy a reader to allow you travel with all your ebooks.
What if I want to return the Ebook?
Well being that the Ebook is not a "Tangible Item," and our policy at this time is to make refunds. And you can't return the Ebook back to us. Our feeling is that hopefully we don't feel that this policy will be abuse, and we won't have to make changes to the return policy in the future.
What is a tangible item?
It is something that can be touched like a cup. A file can't be touched.
What if I don’t have the FREE Adobe Acrobat?
Here's the download link just for you:
abobe reader link
Do I get anything else with the Ebook?
Yes you do, we will give you life time revision updates to this Ebook Guide. So make sure it is okay for us to have your email
Will I have a problem if I give you my email?
Your email will not be sold or given away by us. Its sole purpose is to be used as a contact point between you and us about future revisions and new items.
Can I use my credit card to make a purchase?
Yes you can use your credit card with the "Secure Website." You can also use PayPal to buy the Ebook. No problem.
Do you have a comment page?
Yes we do, here is the link. Just tell what you like or dislike. If you have any suggestions with the website please let us know. If you see a problem. Let us know.
Thank you and back to the top.

The Documentary DVD Answerers

How do I find the Film on DVD?
You can go to this link here.
How do I get the Film on DVD?
After making a purchase, your DVD will be mailed to you. Please make sure you give us your correct mailing address. We can't be responsible for errant delivery when it is a customer's error.
When was the Film made?
The film documentary was completed and released in March of 2009.
What kind of DVD is it?
This DVD was made to play in the region of America, in the NTSC format. Sorry we don't have PAL for international orders yet.
What do I do about returns?
If by chance that happens, Please contact us for a "Return Merchandise Authorization" (RMA) number. You will have to mail the DVD back to us with said number.
Is there a discount for purchasing multiply DVD's?
At this point no, but that can change at any time depending on the demand.
Will I have a problem playing the DVD?
Our DVD's are made to play in most DVD players set-top and most computers
If I have some questions ask about the DVD, what do I do?
Send us your questions and we will do our best to give you a some answerers.
So you have a money back guarantee for how long?
Our policy is to give you a generous sixty day window of return. Of course as long as it is not abused. Then we may make more policy changes. Lets hope that doesn't happened.
Do you have a comment page?
Yes we do, here is the link. Just tell what you like or dislike. If you have any suggestions with the website please let us know. If you see a problem. Let us know.
How do I find more information on a professional in the DVD?
You can go to our Link page and you will see some of the people in our documentary.

Thank you and back to the top.

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You can get the eBook called, "Can you... Cancer Proof Your Prostate," (Of course you can't cancer proof yourself, it is just the title.) when you make a donation to this site to help with prostate cancer screenings, defraying the maintenance cost, and for gathering information and presenting it here just for the African-American community.

It is our very special bonus for you, as we say, "Thank You!" We want you to know that a portion of the proceeds from donations, sale of the Ebooks and DVD will go to the Foundation for the early detection of prostate cancer screening program for the "Underserved Man." Also, we welcome and need your comments to help better the contents of this site. Be well. Thank you. Remember, this site is always a work in progress with your help.

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