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African-American men are at "high risk" for cancer in their prostate gland than men in other ethnic groups.

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What is the prostate gland?
The prostate is what they call a gland, it is about the size of a walnut, and it makes and stores semen. The prostate gland is necessary for male sexual function and reproduction.
Where is the prostate gland?
The prostate gland is located just below the bottom of the bladder and in front of the rectum. It surrounds the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine from the body. Because of its location, if the prostate gland becomes enlarged, it can create bothersome urinary problems.
What does it do and whey do I have one?
It can helps with having kids, it is involved with your reproduction process The main job of the prostate gland is to produce semen, the fluid that carries sperm into the vagina. This fluid helps protect sperm from the vagina's acidity during ejaculation.
What are symptoms of possible prostate problem?
Some of the symptoms of prostate cancer may include; difficulty urinating, including pain, trouble starting or stopping the stream, or dribbling and lower back pain pain with ejaculation. These are just some symptoms. Having a talk with your doctor can help you know exactly what maybe going on.
What is prostate cancer?
Prostate cancer starts off in the prostate gland and happens when certain abnormal cells begin to multiply, multiply and multiply and takes over and can destroy the prostate gland. The cancer cells then can spread from the prostate to other parts of the body. Reglar blood tests and physical exams can help detect prostate cancer at its earliest stages. Only your doctor can tell if you have prostate cancer. So you need to check with a medical doctor.
How do I know if I may or get cancer?
Well if your grandfather, father or uncle had prostate cancer, you are good candidate for the possibility of getting prostate cancer. So, you need to be screened early. You are at "Higher" risk than other African-American men.
When should a man get screened?
The idea is the have men screened when they hit 50 years. But African-American men should screen sooner because of their high risk factor, they should get screened when they hit 45 years. And if you are at "Higher" risk, you might think sooner. Check with your doctor.
What kind 2f test do I have to take?
There are two test you can get screed with. One is the PSA blood test and the other is the DRE.
What is a PSA test?
A PSA test is a blood test that is used to measure prostate health. A high PSA level can be a sign of prostate cancer or enlarged prostate which should not be cancerous. Only your doctor can tell you the difference. PSA stands for prostate specific antigen, which is a protein produced by the prostate cells. So the more protein, the higher your PSA values maybe. Learn more.
What is a DRE?
The Digital Rectum Exam. It is when your doctor examines your prostate with a gloved lubricated finger. He feels up your anus to check your prostate gland to see if it is large or if any of the gland surface feels abnormal.
What is a biopsy?
A biopsy is a procedure in which samples of the prostate gland tissue is removed and these are sent to the lab, then looked at under a microscope to see if cancer is present. Your doctor will tell you the results.
What happens next?
If your biopsy is non-cancerous then you and your doctor will decide on your next visit. If your biopsy shows cancer, then you and your doctor will talk together about the best possible treatment for you to help get get of the cancer in your prostate. Now, if the cancer is outside of your prostate, then your doctor will talk about treatments for that also. Talk with your doctor, talk with other men who had cancer in their prostate. Get in touch with the "Real Men Cook" Foundation and talk, talk talk. They will be there for you and can help you decide on your treatment course. You are your best doctor. Read as much information as possible to be well informed. Read, watch videos and learn. Good luck!

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