"The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer" award wining film is now on DVD!

It's a New Year!

...The DVD is awesome and empowering too. ...I am hosting a Prostate Cancer Health Awareness Seminar in Decatur, GA ... It is an excellent DVD, very detailed, compelling and emotional too. ...As I watched the credits and seeing the dedication to the late musician, it brought tears to my eyes.   Peace, Be Well and Continue Doing Great Works!
~ Mr. Norm Irving, Stockbridge, GA - http://leansystems.gnld.net/

Prostate cancer health forums and seminars are good sources of information to gobble up.

Please Pass this website on to those who could use it.

This Film was honored by, The California State Assembly with a"Certificate of Recognition Award" "... saving lives of men...from the ravages of prostate cancer." Presented by Speaker Karen Bass

Recongition Award CA State Assembly


The DVD is excellent. I have watched it twice.
~ Ms. McCain

Prostate Cancer

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. To us every month should be Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Are you aware of the cancer symptom?

Prostate cancer symptoms. Prostate cancer heath, what is being done about it?

L adies and Gentlemen, every month should be Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Prostate Cancer Health, means through out the country and hopefully the world, there will be a celebration for men to get tested, if they think they are at risk or not. We know it is all of the year that we make awareness something to think about.

But remember, Prostate Cancer awareness should be for everyday, all year. Well come to our website. We have put together information here for you to start to get a better idea about prostate cancer for men. You don't need to have prostate cancer for this site to be of interest to you or a loved one or just a friend. Please take the time to look through this website for information that may help somebody you know, or just you. Thank you for your time.


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The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer
"The Film"

Winner! The EMPIXX Platinum Award Honoring Production Excellence .

Best health related film I have ever purchased and very educational.
~ Dr. PJ Coxx  - NYC

I received the film on DVD and watched it, it was a very informative DVD. I'm sure my love ones will enjoy. Thank you so much for the blessing.
~ Ms. S. Leonard,

Early Detection

"You have 97% chance of surviving prostate cancer...if you catch it early."

~ Ron Brewington, Double Cancer Survivor

With Prostate Cancer, there is clear evidence that African-American men are nearly twice as likely to develop prostate cancer compared to other ethnic groups. The highest rate of prostate cancer in the United States is found in African-American men.

The African-American family as a unit is so import today and will always be important. Having the man, the husband, the father taken away from the family unit because of prostate cancer, can be an "Economic Tragedy." This is something that can be avoided with prostate cancer screenings. You need to know about early detection or you need to know about treatments. Learn more.

The award wining film & EBook are now available

You have questions, you need to watch the documentary. You need answers, you need to watch the documentary. You need information about making good health choices, you need to watch "The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer," the documentary. It is available on DVD today! Also available today for you is "The African-American Man's Guide to Prostate Cancer Screening" the EBook about the possess as a result of research and personal account. It has more information for you.

You will agree with the importance of what has been said after watching the DVD or reading the EBook. You need information and that information for you is in this DVD and the EBook. This award winning documentary highlights men who are surviving prostate cancer today and doctors who help men to live again by surviving prostate cancer today. Learn more.

Women, your men need to know about Prostate Cancer

You have a chance to get more information on prostate cancer by purchasing the award winning documentary DVD or the exciting new eBook's below.

It is not only men's responsibility to be screened, but the wife, the girlfriend, or sister also have a responsibility to make sure the men in their lives get screened. Older children can be advocates for their fathers to be screened, too. Learn more.

Men, you need to know just some of the facts:

  • One American man is diagnosed with the Prostate Cancer disease every 3 minutes.
  • One American man dies from prostate cancer every 13 minutes.
  • 15% of these men are African-American. ("RMC" Foundation website)

“Every man should know his PSA values just as well as he knows his telephone number, address, or social security number.  This is what will help with TRUE early detection.”

~ Dana N. Scott, MS, MD Urology Resident, David Geffen School of Medicine

Medical Disclaimer:
This information is not intended to substitute for the advice of a physician.

Brother, what you don't know may kill you.

Prostate Cancer Screening EBook

"The African-American Man's Guide to Prostate Cancer Screening"

Learn more here.

Mr. Campbell's "Prostate Screening" Ebook is definitely a great need-to-know-of-and-to-have resource. These are life affirming words for all African American men, their family, friends; and everyone wanting to live a quality life...in spite of 'PC'. This is truly a gift that gives back and worth all donations to the foundation."
~ C. Nettles, President, TurningNewCorners, TNC Health & Nutrition

Are you at risk, or are you at high risk? You need to know.

Documentary DVD

The Award Wining Documentary film,
"The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer"
is now available on DVD.

Learn more here.

"Thank you for this most powerful, informative and enlightening documentary. My only wish was to have had this DVD when my dad was going through his experience. I am however quite grateful to be passing it on to my 3 brothers."
~ M.Green- Sylmar, CA





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African-American men can find tips to help maitain the possibility of a healthy prostate gland.

You can get the eBook called, "Can you... Cancer Proof Your Prostate?" (Of course you can't cancer proof yourself, it is just the title.) when you make a donation to this site to help with prostate cancer screenings, defraying the maintenance cost, and for gathering information and presenting it here just for the African-American community.

It is our very special bonus for you, as we say, "Thank You!" We want you to know that a portion of the proceeds from donations, sale of the Ebooks and DVD will go to the Foundation for the early detection of prostate cancer screening program for the "Underserved Man." Also, we welcome and need your comments to help better the contents of this site. Be well. Thank you. Remember, this site is always a work in progress with your help.

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